Clarity: How Govt Should Communicate During Coronavirus Pandemic

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This communication from the West Indies, a Caribbean Island govt, has attracted praise and accolades from Netizens for its ‘humane’ communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lady is direct to the point, and also reminds the citizens about their Hurricane preparedness and how they can use the lessons learnt from there to ward-off the coronavirus pandemic by staying indoors.

It is unlike Kenya where the citizens are threatened that they’ll die, yet for 365 days police, diseases, corruption, lack of medicine and medical facilities threaten the people more than a one-time flu.

The Kenyan govt has not been humane in its approach to the pandemic, most govt have failed.

Threats won’t work.

We might not have the rest of the speech, but this part here-shared is a winner.

The Govt of West Indies even tells its people to have only as stock of food for 2 weeks, not months, and that they will allow a controlled amount of people to come out for more supplies in the future, just in case. THIS IS HUMANE.




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